Time for nature, sports and culture

Not far from the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea on the North Sea, in the middle of the beautiful town of Jever, lies the unique Hotel Im Schützenhof.

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Nature as far as the eye can see

Friesland is not a place, Friesland is paradise!
Characterized by green pasture landscapes, wide beaches and the great, unique diversity of the Wadden Sea region.

The tidal flats and the salt marshes in front of the dikes are among the last primeval landscapes of all, which is why the Wadden Sea has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009.

The clean air and the fresh sea breeze, which is always blowing here in the north, makes the region a perfect vacation destination for those seeking relaxation.

Art & Culture

The peculiarities of nature and culture in Friesland have the same roots:
Just as the growth of trees bends to the winds of the west, the emergence of art, culture, customs and traditions was often influenced by the dictates of the elements of nature. The diversity of Friesland, both in cultural and scenic terms, is unparalleled and worth discovering. Friesland holds a multitude of museums and historical sights and attracts culture enthusiasts as well as nature lovers.

Much to experience …

Small galleries, large exhibitions, concerts by local and national artists and various festivals – Friesland is an art-loving place that offers a variety of events throughout the year. Read more in the …


The Frisian way of life can be experienced especially well in winter – you just have to do it like the Frisians: Be outside in wind and weather and then sit together in a cozy atmosphere. Of course, East Frisian tea, Kluntje and cream must not be missing.

Friesland has its special charm in winter, especially when you are active in the beautiful nature.

Long walks in the snowy landscape of the North Sea, over which a bright blue sky or the setting sun shines, are a special pleasure in the cold season.

Our frozen lakes and canals are perfect for skating. Gliding across the ice wrapped up warm in the freezing cold is one of the most beautiful activities in the Frisian winter. Every now and then, the North Sea also freezes and the ice sheets sliding over each other due to the ebb and flow of the tide are a beautiful spectacle. The Christmas markets that take place throughout Friesland and Jeverland are also worth a visit.


Summer in Friesland is simply indescribable – beautiful! And there is no lack of wonderful activities that you can do in pleasant temperatures. Whether hiking, cycling or swimming vacations for the whole family – there is something for every taste. You can jog, fish, swim, sail, row, kite and surf.

The East Frisian Islands

A highlight in summer are trips to the popular East Frisian islands (Borkum, Juist, Norderney, Baltrum, Langeoog, Spiekeroog as well as Wangerooge), to which there are also sightseeing flights and flights. Those who prefer to travel by boat can also reach the islands from idyllic harbor towns.


And eternally beckons the Wadden Sea, to which also guided mudflat walks take place. Nature lovers can observe many animals and plants and enjoy the wide view of the North Sea.


Cycling in our climes is a blast, but not because everything here is flat and uncluttered. Numerous cycling routes, which are well signposted and partly equipped with further information boards, lead through the green meadows and fields of Friesland.

Friesland experienced

Cycling enthusiasts can also experience the Tour de Fries, a special route that starts in Wilhelmshaven and ends in Friesland. Whether just for a short trip on the weekend or for an extended vacation on 280 km of cycling route – everything is possible. But also on the motorcycle the surroundings can be explored excellently. At our Hotel Im Schützenhof bikers are always welcome!

Water sports

Friesland is a declared Eldorado for water sports enthusiasts, who find the perfect conditions here.

So many possibilities

Whether (kite) surfers, sailors or canoeists – water sports enthusiasts are in good hands in Friesland. Sailors who are in the mood for a strong breeze are just as right in the far north as those vacationers who prefer it quieter and like to SUP, canoe or kayak on our lakes or canals.