Our hygiene concept

Hygiene concept Schützenhof Jever including protective measures against COVID-19

Status May 2020


To protect our guests and our employees, the Schützenhof has developed a hygiene concept. This hygiene concept must be implemented in a binding manner. We inform our guests about our measures and rules of conduct already before their arrival. Employees are trained on the hygiene concept. We ensure that our guests and our employees use and implement our protective measures.

Public traffic areas in the hotel

We regularly disinfect surfaces relevant to transmission in the following areas:

  • Tables in the lobby
  • Elevator (control panel)
  • Door handles to the storage rooms in the lobby
  • Public toilets (if open)
  • Wellness area (if open)
  • Railings in the staircases

Details are regulated by a checklist on which the exact times and intervals for these disinfections are specified for each calendar day. The time intervals depend on the occupancy of the hotel, the respective time of day and the resulting guest frequency in the public areas.

As a matter of principle, we ensure that all guests, employees and external persons (tradesmen, suppliers, service providers) maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 m from the work area.

We make sure that all guests, employees and external persons disinfect their hands and wear a protective mask upon arrival at the hotel.

We strictly observe sneezing and coughing etiquette (in the elbows) and communicate it with our employees and guests when necessary.

Guests and employees generally avoid direct hand contact throughout the hotel.

General rules of conduct for all employees

  • Upon arrival at the hotel, employees immediately proceed to the staff locker rooms, exchange street clothes for duty attire, and thoroughly wash their hands, including disinfecting, before going on duty.
  • We take care to avoid unnecessary walks through the hotel.
  • We do not take unnecessary private items into the workplace.
  • All employees wear a protective mask on public traffic areas in the hotel. Protective masks (made of fabric) provides one-time. The employees are responsible for the proper cleaning of the protective masks.
  • All employees ensure that they wash their hands thoroughly on a regular basis during working hours.
  • All employees will wash and sanitize their hands at the beginning of a break and at the end of a break.
  • If employees do not leave the hotel during the break, the break room is to be used for the break. The table in the break room is cleaned and disinfected at the end of the break. Dishes, glasses and other items may not be left in the break room.
  • The break room may be used by a maximum of 3 employees at a time. To ensure maximum occupancy, break times are scheduled daily for all employees and noted on the duty roster.
  • Notification of illness must be made to the management (if not present to the receptionist ) as soon as possible. The notification must be made in person by phone call. Notification of illness may not be made by email, text message (SMS, Whatsapp, etc.) and is not permitted.
  • Each employee shall ensure that his or her uniforms are cleaned regularly and thoroughly.
  • The locker rooms are cleaned and disinfected daily.
  • The break room is cleaned and disinfected daily.
  • Items and tools used by multiple employees are regularly disinfected.
  • Employees politely ask guests to follow the hygiene rules in the hotel.


  • We reduce the use of multiple handled items to a minimum. These items are disinfected after use.
  • All brochures and postcards will be removed from the reception vestibule. Brochures, postcards and printed information are given individually to the guest upon request.
  • Each employee works with a pen. We strictly separate pens that employees use and pens that guests use.
  • If guests need to acknowledge or sign anything, we ask that guests use their own pen. If the guest does not have their own pen to sign, we will issue a pen from the guest pen supply. The used pen is stored separately and disinfected before reuse.
  • A spit shield will be installed at the reception desk. All work must be carried out in such a way that the spit guard provides effective protection. If a receptionist leaves this effective area, a mouth guard must be worn.
  • If possible, only one employee works at the reception desk at a time. If there are several employees working at the reception desk, we make sure that the minimum distance is observed.
  • We prefer cashless payment options. Cash is placed on a tray by the guest before we accept it. Likewise, we place change on a tray before the guest accepts the change.
  • We make sure that there is a sufficient distance (1.5 m) to the guests. In front of the reception we have appropriate distance markings for guests and non-business people.
  • The front desk staff is responsible for disinfecting surfaces in the lobby.
  • Guests are required to use the elevators on a room-by-room basis only or the stairs. The reception staff makes sure that guests use the elevator only room by room. Info sheet
  • Upon request, we have protective masks available for guests at the reception desk.
  • At the end of a shift we thoroughly clean the entire work area including keyboard, mouse, telephone ….


  • The tables have a minimum distance of 1.5 m. We document via room and table number which guest has sat at which table.
  • Seats in the restaurant are exclusively according to the assignment of the service staff. This applies to all meals including breakfast.
  • All employees in the restaurant wear protective masks.
  • Complete hand hygiene is of utmost importance in the restaurant.
  • The breakfast buffet is again possible without service. There is a one-way street, at the entrance / exit there is a disinfection dispenser with the request to disinfect your hands.
  • We work with laminated food and beverage cards after use we disinfect them.
  • If the number of guests is high enough (the number of guests is greater than the number of seats), breakfast and half board are offered in several sessions The reception takes care of distributing the guests to the sessions.
  • Menus/meals within an arrangement cannot be shifted by the day.
  • We offer our guests only paper napkins.
  • All tables must be cleaned and disinfected after each use.
  • All tables that can be occupied will be set by us with cutlery and paper servings.
  • Table decorations will continue to be dispensed with.
  • Tables are set with disposable gloves.
  • As a matter of principle, we do not touch any of our guests’ wardrobes. Should jackets, coats, umbrellas & hats need to be stored, we politely advise our guests of the location of the coat rack.
  • For hygienic reasons, we will refrain from using floral decorations on the tables until further notice.
  • Upon request, we serve individually packaged salt and pepper sachets.
  • The cash register surface must be disinfected regularly during the service time.
  • Shared equipment must be cleaned and disinfected regularly and at least after each shift.
  • Delivered goods must be put away by the employees


  • The posts are to be set up in such a way that the minimum distance of 1.5 m between all employees is maintained. One employee is designated per shift to put away the delivered goods.
  • Removal from the post shall be kept to a minimum.
  • Each employee in the kitchen and scullery wears disposable gloves and a chef’s hat/basecap while working.
  • Cleanliness and order are of paramount importance. Surfaces and shared equipment must be cleaned and disinfected after each shift.
  • Suppliers and representatives are not allowed to enter the kitchen. Suppliers must always take delivery of the goods at the point of delivery.


  • All employees wear a protective mask and disposable gloves during work.
  • Each room is to be cleaned with new rags & wiping cloths respectively.
  • All brochures, printed materials, books and Guest Amenities are removed from the rooms. The remote control is shrink-wrapped and disinfected daily.
  • “Lead cleaning” is avoided as much as possible in order to largely avoid contact between guests and employees and with guests’ and employees’ belongings. Cleaning between arrival and departure will be done only at the express request of the guest. Requests for “stay-cleaning” coordinates the reception.
  • Drinks in the rooms are replenished daily. Unused drinks will be disinfected after departure.
  • will be removed Lost and found items must be kept firmly locked away. Lost and found items are placed in bags and stapled shut. A note is stapled to the outside, on which the date of discovery, place of discovery and contents of the bag are noted legibly. Housekeeping is responsible for compliance and implementation.

Wellness/Swimming pool

  • The swimming pool is open daily from 06:30 – 22:00.
  • Crowds are to be avoided.
  • Only max. 4 people stay in the water.
  • In the water there must be a minimum distance of 1.5m.
  • The sauna is open again.
  • Only max 3 persons are allowed in the Finnish sauna.
  • A minimum distance of 1.5m must be given.
  • Registration for sauna use is mandatory in advance. This is done through the reception.
  • Room number, date, time of entering and time of leaving will be documented in writing by the front desk.
  • The use per guest is set at 2 hrs.
  • After use, the sauna (door handles, benches) is disinfected by us.
  • Only a maximum of 2 persons are allowed in the respective locker rooms.
  • A minimum distance of 1.5m must be given.
  • After use, the shower fittings are disinfected by us.
  • The steam sauna remains closed until further notice.
  • Wellness appointments must be booked bindingly at least 48 hours before an appointment. The provisions of the respective applicable Corona Protection Ordinance for Lower Saxony must be implemented in a binding manner.
  • Order and cleanliness have the highest priority. All printed materials will be removed.
  • Items not necessary for treatment will be removed from treatment rooms and placed in cabinets. Thorough surface disinfection must be performed after each treatment.
  • Rest benches are allocated and disinfected after use.